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Q: How long does it take to finish a basement?
A: Average time is 4-5 weeks


Q: How involved does a homeowner have to be?
A: As little or as much as you want to be. We do as much prep work as we can prior to starting so you are not always being put on the spot with questions that should have been answered in the prelim stages.


Q: How much would I save if I did the basement myself?
A: If you are a professional, maybe a few thousand dollars. If you are not, it may cost you money when you go to sell the house. People can tell a professional job from "Do-It-Yourselfer" job.


Q: Is it worth finishing the basement?
A: Housing is one thing that tends to increase in value on a day-to-day basis in most cases. Finishing your basement is less risk than putting your money in the stock market. Some homeowners will make thousands of dollars when they sell their home, or better yet, a finished basement will even help you sell your home.


Q: How serious should a homeowner be about checking out references?
A: It depends on how you want your basement to turn out. Sales pitches are sometimes convincible and are not to be taken lightly. Always call multiple references, check their standing with the BBB and see if they are members of the local builders association. Also, ask to see jobs in progress. If they are happy to show you, then they are proud of their work.


Q: What can you expect to pay extra above and beyond your base cost bid?
A: Allowance overages and changes that directly effect the cost of the project that were not figured in the original contract.


Q: How long does it take for an estimate?
A: It always takes 1-2 weeks because we always bid per job and not an off the cuff square footage price. Companies that do strictly square footage do not want to put the effort into your bid. Why would they put any effort into the project?


Q: How do you actually choose a contractor to finish the basement?
A: By analyzing all of the written bids and comparing who is including something that others may not. Comparing allowances and determining if the allowances are where you want them. Never take someone's word for it. Get it in writing.


Q: How much detail do you give in your estimates?
A: We take great pride in giving you a detailed proposal. You will see all the steps we will take when working on your basement. We outline what will take place during the preparation process and throughout each aspect. We list all details such as, brand of products we use, grade, color, and size.


Q: Should a homeowner supply the materials?
A: Typically not. We lock in pricing that is discounted and pass that along to our clients. You may have a 10% off coupon, but we usually have better pricing than your one 10% off coupon. We have multiple coupons or savings by using the same professional suppliers over and over again.